yale assure lock touchscreen best smart lock

Best Smart Locks

yale assure lock touchscreen best smart lock

If a more secure home is the reason why you’re looking to add smart home technology to your home, a smart lock is a no-brainer. The best smart locks these days offer a variety of functionality to keep your family safe. They allow you to set codes for each member of your family and even temporary codes for visitors and delivery drivers. Some even use fingerprint technology for added security.

Many unlock as you approach your door and will lock themselves if you forget to when you leave. In many cases, smart locks integrate tightly with your video doorbell, allowing you to unlock it while speaking to whoever’s at your door. The only thing you need is a deadbolt, which most modern doors have.

There are two types of smart locks: we refer to them as deadbolt replacement and deadbolt retrofit smart locks. Deadbolt replacement smart locks are just like it sounds: a complete replacement for your preexisting deadbolt. Retrofit models replace the latch on the inside of your door or fit over the latch, turning your preexisting deadbolt into a smart one.

Best Smart Locks

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Our preference for smart locks is the deadbolt replacement models. The reasoning here is simple: by replacing both the front and back of your deadbolt, you can add a considerable amount of functionality. The Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen and the Kwikset Halo Touch are two of the best smart locks on the market right now, both requiring full deadbolt replacement.

We believe the best value is the Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen. Yale’s smart lock gives you the choice of two methods to unlock other than the traditional key: a keycode or proximity unlock. As opposed to the Halo Touch, the touchscreen keypad allows you to quickly assign either temporary or permanent keycodes for anyone you’d like. The proximity unlock functionality is great for your immediate family, as their phones act as the key.

If you’d like a bit more security, however, opt for the Halo Touch. Its fingerprint scanner is the only way to access your home other than the key. It also eliminates the need to change keycodes since everybody has a unique fingerprint, and fingerprint scanners are extremely difficult to fool.

If you don’t want or can not replace your deadbolt, opt for a deadbolt retrofit instead. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and the Wyze Lock are the best smart locks in this category. August’s lock actually replaces the latch, which allows it to work with just about any deadbolt on the market. The Wyze Lock fits over the latch, and as long as it’s compatible with your type of latch, is one of the best smart locks available at an outstanding price. Both use proximity unlock to lock and unlock your deadbolt.

Choosing the Best Smart Locks for your home

Unfortunately, not everyone can use a smart lock on their current door. Most of us living in homes built in the past few decades will have separate deadbolts. Older homes will not. If you cannot, opt instead for a good video doorbell. However, if you can, which style is best comes down to budget and whether you’re comfortable with doing it yourself. (it’s a fairly easy job).

As a general rule, retrofit smart locks are cheaper and easier to install. You do lose some functionality, however — as your phone is your key. With replacement smart locks, since the whole assembly is replaced, you’ll often gain a keypad or fingerprint scanner on the outside — this way, you don’t always need your phone to operate your door.

Replacement smart locks do take a bit of DIY experience, but not anything many of us couldn’t handle. Most installs require no changes to the door itself. If you’re looking for the top end in functionality, all the best smart locks are replacement locks, so keep that in mind.

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